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Vehicle Importation & Clearance

The vehicle importation and clearance is a delicate and complex service that should be offered by a professional expert in clearing and forwarding industry. We are very experienced in carrying out this procedure on your behalf. Our major focus is in shipping, storage, cargo clearing and forwarding and motor vehicle clearing and registration on behalf of customers.

We assist our customers to go through the complicated process of vehicle importation. We will assist our clients identify the right vehicle, purchase it and ensure that it is taken to the port of loading. We shall then assist them to have their vehicle inspected, pay customs duty to KRA and register the vehicle. These procedures appear to be simple but they are a bit complex for inexperienced people. They need professional consultancies and we are well placed to carry them on your behalf. You don't need to strain a lot with these procedures while the experts are there to accord you an affordable service.

We collect amount for custom duty from the client and pay it to KRA. The custom duty paid depends on various factors. These are like make of the car, model of the car, engine capacity, fuel type and class of the car. Because of our wide experience, we are able to determine this amount in time and inform our clients on what they are expected to pay KRA even before the vehicle arrives in Kenya. Inbound vehicles attract duties as follows:

  • Import duty: 25% of CIF value of the vehicle
  • Excise Duty: 20% of (CIF value +Import Duty)
  • VAT: 16% of (CIF value+ Import Duty+ Excise Duty)
  • IDF: 2.225% of CIF or Ksh 5000

Due to our experience in clearing of vehicles, we have established good rapport with major vehicle manufacturers of the world and will be able to advice the client appropriately on where they can buy their vehicles from at affordable rates. We simply hold your hand and guide you accordingly.

We are capable of conducting research and source good vehicles on behalf of our customers. We understand that most of the clients from Kenya prefer Japanese vehicles and we are able to find them in various markets of the world. We strictly adhere to client specifications as we conduct our search. We are able to advice our clients on where they can get good and affordable vehicles based on their specifications.

In terms of paperwork, our professionals are able to prepare the necessary documentations that are needed to speed up clearance procedure. We want our customers to receive their vehicles in good time so that they use them for different purposes.

We are well linked with most of the trucking lines and upon clearance of your vehicle, we send it to you using any affordable trucking company. You will be surprised how fast you receive you vehicle once you identify and buy it. We shall swing into action and ensure that you receive your car on time. For us, time matters for our clients.