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Storage & Warehousing

When looking for an appropriate warehouse to store your goods, there are various factors that you need to explore. While the goods are on store, you can prepare them accordingly to meet the market standards and expectations. Our warehouses are appropriate for any type of cargo you have because they meet the following factors.


Our warehouses are meticulously clean and your goods will not be dirty while there. We use ultramodern technologies in cleaning and dusting the warehouse. Our aim is to ensure that our clients' goods are kept clean so that they attract would be customers. We also ensure that all the people who are likely to handle your goods are clean and use certain clothing.


Security is an important factor that clients assess before selecting a warehouse to store their goods. We ensure that your goods are safe and sound while in our warehouses. We have contracted a Securicor local firm to offer security services to our facilities. The firm secures the facilities for 24 hours daily and clients need not get worried when their goods are in our stores.


All our warehousing facilities are hired affordably. Our major aim is to provide a good service that ensures that our clients' goods are safe as they continue with the production process. We know that charging them expensively may not make any business sense as they might be forced to sell them expensively to offset the storage cost. This may make customers shun the goods and will finally cause our clients to move out of business. We provide a beyond satisfactory, sensitive and affordable warehousing service.

Rodent and pest control strategies

We use appropriate fumigation strategies to ensure that rodents and pests are kept away from our warehouses. We apply chemicals that repel away rodents that may be near our facilities. This strategy ensures that our client's goods are not eaten by rodents and pests that will real decrease their value. We ensure that we conduct fumigation exercises on our warehouses on monthly basis.

Fire safety measures

We ensure that our warehousing facilities meet the fire safety standard. We have appropriate fire extinguishers located at appropriate places and the inventory is stacked as required. Furthermore, all our warehouses meet the government building requirement standards.

Transportation services

We are well linked to transport carriers who will transport your goods at fair prices to locations that your may require. We have negotiated with these carriers on your behalf and you will only receive a discounted service.

Techniques and technologies of handling goods

We utilize modernized techniques and technologies in handling your goods. All our systems are automated to ensure that there is efficient and effectiveness in handling your goods. We have appropriate machinery to lift your goods and take them for storage.

If you are looking for clearing and forwarding agents with modernized and spacious warehouses for all kinds of goods, then choose us because we offer the best warehousing services in Kenya. We are affordable, understanding and warm.