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Freight Forwarding

A freight forwarder is a company that is contracted by importers and exporters to ensure that cargo is ferried from one international location to another. Freight forwarders act as an intermediary between the client and transport providers to ensure that the communication between the two is effective. There are so many documentations and legal formalities that are required to effectively participate in international transportation of cargo. We prepare these documentations on behalf of our customers and ensure that their cargo is handled legally.

We are able to analyse your cargo and determine the most effective and safe means of transportation to adopt as per your requirements. We are well linked to most of the airliners, ocean liners and truck operators to ensure that we your cargo is transport fast and efficiently. We are able to negotiate the best charges on behalf of our customers to ensure that they are provided with an efficient and affordable service. We offer the following services to our customers.

  • Suitable route. We are able to decide the most appropriate route for your cargo according to its type. If for example the cargo is perishable, we may recommend airliner instead of ocean liner.
  • Cost negotiation. We negotiate with the transportation operators on the best rates for our customers. This ensures that the customer is not exploited but is provided a service that is economical.
  • Safeguarding goods. We ensure that the goods of our clients are well taken care of through our warehousing facilities. Furthermore, we are able to pack the goods as per the customer requirements.
  • Legal requirements. We ensure that your goods are handled legally and procedurally as per the international and national laws. Because we adhere to the necessary statutes, we expect the goods of our customers to be transported quickly and reach the intended destination on time. We ensure that all the requisite documents are prepared so that the goods are handled fast and sent to the final destination. Being a legal requirement, we ensure that we determine the best insurance for the goods and select the best insurer. In case the goods are damaged, we are able to do a claim follow up on behalf of our clients. We ensure that the insurer compensates you for the damaged cargo on time so that you continue with your business.
  • Techniques and technologies. We use ultramodern tactics and technologies to track the location of the customers' goods and provide them with real time information. Examples of these technologies include internet and e-commerce. In this way, the customers are able to start organizing in time on how to receive the goods.
  • We collect and make payments on behalf of our clients. Because we are conversant with all the port procedures, we know the relevant people to pay for the service provided.

If you are n need of freight forwarding service in Kenya, choose us because we shall provide you a service that will exceed your expectations.