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Custom Clearance

For shippers who are not conversant with custom clearing procedures, they should not worry anymore as we are there for them. We are customs clearing agents and we assist the shipper in performing various roles. There are many complex procedures that need to be adhered to before clearing of your cargo. It would be a very difficult exercise to be performed by a shipper especially if they are new in international trade. We have the experience, the expertise and knowledge in handling all the custom clearance procedures on behalf of our customers. The following are some of the vital custom clearing services that we offer our customers.

Tariff determination

We are able to calculate the proper tariff that our clients should be charged in accordance to various regional treaties and protocols. We are well conversant with various protocols that the country is party to and when determining the tariff we have to put them into consideration. For example, if the goods are destined to one of the East Africa Community member states, then the shipper's cargo is relieved of some tariffs. We understand the latest tariff concessions that your goods will enjoy depending on their destination. We understand all the protocols that Kenya is party to which affect tariff calculation of our clients' cargo. This is an important role that may not be easily performed by an inexperienced C&F.

Another very ital service that we offer our customers is to calculate the import duties or VAT applicable for their goods. We do this accurately and advice our importers to pay so that they receive their cargo on time before it is spoiled.

We organize for customs clearance in accordance with various rules. For example, we have customs stops, port health examination. Depending on the type of cargo, there are various requirements that must be made before clearing or receiving of your cargo. If these rules are not met, a shipper maybe penalized heavily.

Another very important service we offer on behalf of our customers is to collect amounts from the client and ensure that we pay taxes or VAT on their behalf according to Kenya Revenue Authority requirements. We are well conversant with the procedures that should be adhered to when such payments are made and therefore the shipper will not experience any delays.

One of the tedious aspects of cargo handling is preparation of paperwork. A vital service we offer our customers is to assist them prepare important documentations for their cargo. We are able to frame the Bill of Entry (BOE) that should be sent electronically to customs or SARS. Other important documents that we prepare on behalf of our customers include the Bill of Lading, and import Declaration. We ensure that these documents are submitted as per the requirements so that the shipper receives their goods faster or the cargo is quickly cleared.

Our promise to all our clients is that we shall accord you a custom clearance service which is timely, quick and that exceeds your expectations.