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About Clearing Forwarding

Our main objective as a clearing and forwarding company is to offer services that are not only beyond our clients' expectations but that are affordable as well. We are aware of the fact that there are so many companies that purport to offer the same services like ours but their standards are low which will not match the value of you money that you pay in exchange of the service. Our main aim is to see all our customers delighted by all our services. We are able to achieve the promise of offering a great service by employing professionals who are not only qualified but have the experience and attitude of offering a great service. We ensure that all our employees are thoroughly vetted before they are hired. Our main objective is to ensure that our clients are provided a clearing and forwarding services that wows them. When you choose us as your freight forwarders you are expecting a quick and professional service that will delight you.

We understand how difficult it is for some cargo owners to understand complex freight handling procedures at the ports. You do not need to get worried about what clearing procedures and processes that your goods will undergo at the ports. We have the capacity and the knowledge to undertake all the processes on your behalf. We arrange for the shipment of your cargo efficiently and effectively. We ensure that your shipment is safe and will reach the destination as they were intended.

The documentations that are prepared in the clearing and forwarding industry are many and very complicated for new importers or exporters. If you give us the opportunity to serve you, we shall prepare all the required documents like Bill of Lading and Import Declaration on your behalf. We do these efficiently and professionally. We are also able to assess the type of cargo you have through filling of appropriate forms on your behalf. This will enable your shipment to be carried by a vessel suited for such goods.

If you instruct us, we are able to determine the right insurance cover for your goods. It would be difficult for you to figure out what kind of insurance you require for your shipment to mitigate risks that may happen while your goods are on transit. Our professionals are able to determine the kind of insurance your goods require and the best insurer to use that will provide you with an affordable service.

Additionally, we are able to determine the best shipping line that should carry your cargo and negotiate with them the best charges. We want your cargo to reach its destination safely and affordably. It would be difficult for you to know some of the shipping lines and how they charge in transporting your shipment.

Finally, we provide space for storage of your goods as you organize for their transportation. Our warehouses are spacious enough to carry all forms of bulky, delicate and fragile cargo. Choose us for the best service.